The Theological Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is a post-graduate program located in the greater Metro Atlanta area in Georgia. The program is designed to assist students in their spiritual journey toward self discovery and self empowerment as well as build expertise in trans-personal counseling methodology. It is our belief that they become better persons as they move through the transformation process. They not only grow academically but are challenged to evolve spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. This allows them to excel in the field of trans-personal psychology as “change agents” and “paradigm shifters”. We provide a consciousness raising learning environment.

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Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates!

We are excited and pleased to announce the graduation of 7 of our graduates!  On June 1st, 2014, 2 pm at the Auburn Avenue Research Library, 101 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30303 and the reception will be right across the parking lot at the Apex Museum starting at 3:30, 135 Auburn Avenue.  We will be graduating 1 Master candidate and 6 Doctor candidates.  Among them will be:


Jessica U. Muhammed

Doctorate: (in alphabetical order)

Gerald Boyd, M.Div.

Sandra Jones El-Amin

Tod M. Ewing

Dr. Carmenlita Holloway

Rev. Reginal W. Howard of the Truth and Transformation Ministry

Benny Robinson


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